In December 2018, the Ran Blake Foundation was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity able to receive financial contributions in support of concerts, workshops, publications, and recordings, as well as scholarship aid to promising music students.  It has long been Ran’s dream to ensure that his and Gunther Schuller's work — began in the late 1960s — will continue and prosper into the future.


The Ran Blake "Earobic" Award is an annual $1,000 cash award to one (1) applicant who shows the most potential for furthering Ran Blake's  mission of aural practice in music education and implementation in music performance. Only currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students are eligible.


"It's this thunder-crack of sound that explodes from the instrument once he puts his hands on it. Ran's unlike anything else that exists. I hope musicians hear him and ask themselves, `Shouldn't we be taking more chances?' "

Jason Moran

Fellow MacArthur Grant recipient and Kennedy Center Artistic Director for Jazz


The Ran Blake Foundation is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and consistent promotion of aural methods in music education and music performance. Widely acknowledged as one of the best pianists who has ever lived, Ran is devoted to this mission and our foundation was created to further reach his ideological goals for many years to come. Your donations will help aid us in accomplishing these goals. Thank you!


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